About Sailhome

Many conversations about “Where will my loved one live when we are no longer here?” led to the formation of SAIL Home. Parents of young adults with special needs and community members who had an interest in helping families with housing concerns talked about what could be done so that loved ones would have a safe, supported place to live when the parents aged and could no longer care for them. The group participated in a four-month training offered by the Center for Independent Futures who developed a method called New Futures Initiative (NFI). Their step-by-step process gives families information on how to open doors to supported living options in their own communities.

SAIL Home became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in October 2023. Our group has purchased a building in Scituate, Massachusetts, and plans to renovate it to include housing, community space, units for live-in staff, and employment opportunities for the residents and others. Our mission is to help other families create housing solutions for their loved ones.

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Housing options for individuals with IDD and/or autism are limited due to availability and appropriateness. When an opening in a traditional group home does become available, the placement is often in a location far from a person’s familiar surroundings including family, day program, and healthcare/well-being providers. Without changes made to the current system, adults with special needs will continue to live at home with their aging parents or other family members. This model is not desirable or sustainable.

SAIL Home was formed to offer solutions to meet the current and future demands for housing. Our vision is to create innovative person-centered housing options as an alternative to typical housing.

~ 15 %

At age 22, only 15%
of those with IDD qualify
for housing from the state

71 %

Nationwide over 71% of
individuals with IDD live at home
with caregivers.

24 %

24% of those
caregivers are over the
age of 60.

Meet the board

The SAIL Home Board of Directors is comprised of professionals in the Health and Human Service field and parents who seek new housing options for adults with IDD and/or autism.

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From left to right: Kristine Marquis (Vice President), Jody Nash (Treasurer), Kathleen Snow (Board Member), Andrew Wall (Board Member), Elizabeth McDermott (Board Member), Laurel Hickey (Clerk) and Katie Stronach (President)

And the Founders!

From left to right: Marynell Henry (Executive Director), Wendy Ellison, Kathleen Snow, Graham Sida, Elizabeth McDermott, Donna Keaney, Amy Pratt, Mary Burt